What We Do

Consumer Credit Marketing specializes in helping financial service companies including debt settlement, mortgage, banking and credit unions as well as insurance, and automotive with direct marketing and advertising initiatives.

Consumer Credit Marketing provides turn-key direct marketing services for direct mail as well as list services. Also, we provide lead generation services using various media including direct mail, television, radio and Internet. We provide exclusive, screened, live leads that are the highest quality in the industry.

Our Approach

At Consumer Credit Marketing, we start by understanding your business. In order to service you in the most effectively we get to know how your business works, how you differentiate yourself from your competition, the metrics behind your business and marketing proficiency.

Then we learn about your clients. We will build a profile of your clients, then we build our lists for your company based on the type of consumers that make you the most money. We then design your marketing materials whether you want to use direct mail, telemarketing, or internet marketing. We will set up response tracking systems to track your individual campaigns and can track to the initial call or can track to final resolution. We offer a turn-key direct mail product, we will coordinate and execute the delivery of your direct mail campaigns. Throughout your ongoing campaigns, we will be monitoring your results and potentially tweaking every facet of your campaign.

At Consumer Credit Marketing, Inc. our mission is to maximize your profitability using efficient targeted direct marketing. We accomplish this through understanding your business, your challenges and your goals and applying our knowledge and experience of consumer direct marketing to meet your unique needs and then providing you with the best direct marketing design and deployment services available.